Monday, 6 July 2015

Dub Be Good To Me

We haven't missed Camperjam since it started back in 2008. Over the years it's grown from an small event dominated by men dressed in camo print shorts and hoodies barbecuing sausages and haggling over second-hand car parts to a family friendly festival with tribute bands, ukulele workshops and tasty street food with weekend tickets selling for triple their face value on eBay. 

The market area features row upon row of traders selling everything from auto parts & van insurance to clothes, camping gadgets, hand painted boots and home-made pickles.

While camo print and hoodies remains the dress code of choice there's great interest in our vintage wares.

 Here's my beautiful friend Naomi modelling the Prova gypsy dress and 1950s parasol she brought from our stall.

Despite temperatures hitting the high eighties Andy treated himself to this Shaft-style 1970s leather trench.

Within minutes of putting this set of 1960s camp beds out they were snapped up.

Naomi has been a loyal Kinky customer for years. She also bought this Peterson Maid chiffon maxi and wore it for Friday's Mellow Yellow themed party night.

There's some gorgeous VWs on show (and to buy!)

With a popular Sunday dog show,the canines outnumber (and out dress) the campers. 

This dapper pug in his converted tin bath & velvet bow tie was hilarious.

I loved the gaudiness of the traditional funfair.

Here's our neighbours, Voodoo Street. We met at a VW event last year, got on famously and now demand to be next to each other.

The weather was typically schizophrenic. We set off in a heatwave, the heavens opened within an hour of erecting the pitch and turned so cold we could see our breath.

Friday was gloriously hot and sunny.

The evening was chilly so Jon raided the rails for warmer clothes. The midnight thunderstorm was magical.

Saturday and Sunday morning were gloriously hot and sunny with torrential rain yesterday afternoon, but not such a bad thing, the customers sheltering in our stall felt obliged to spend money.

The last time I wore footwear was last Wednesday. Bliss!

What a fab weekend. Just enough time to restock the van, catch up on some sleep and reacquaint ourselves with the cats, the internet and the luxury of indoor plumbing before heading South to the Cornbury Festival on Wednesday.

See you soon! 

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Glasto 2015 - The Highlights

Glastonbury, the biggest festival on the planet. Was it good?

You bet it was.

Here's my A-Z of highlights.

A is for Art - 'cos it ain't all about the music.

B is for Blazing Sunshine. Saturday was the hottest day of the year so far.

C is for The Charlatans, who opened the festival on Friday morning, performing The Only One I Know to an ecstatic crowd of thousands and topping up Jon's royalty cheque for another year. Thanks, lads.

D is for The Dalai Lama. The rumours were true, His Holiness appeared on the Pyramid Stage during Patti Smith's amazing set, ensuring there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

E is for the environment and ecology. Greenpeace and sustainable living continue to feature strongly throughout the festival.

F is for our Festival Family. Reunited every twelve months.

G is for George Clinton & Parliament. Together with The Family Stone they brought the funk to Glasto '15.

H is for Hippy.

I is for Idris Elba. The god who plays TV's Luther is also a damn fine DJ.

J is for the John Peel Stage. We went expecting to be bowled over by Slaves but ended up preferring Sleaford Mods, Post-Punk ire at its most foul-mouthed and sweary.

K is for Kanye West. I don't give a toss about anyone else's opinion of him. Late Registration is one of the finest albums of all time and I never tire of hearing Gold Digger.

L is for Long Drops. Not half as bad as the portaloos.

M is for Milk, freshly delivered to the camp site every morning, just in time for a morning mug of tea.

N is for Nattering. Chatting with friends until the early hours.

O is for Open Spaces. Away from the main stage there's beautiful places to chill out.

P is for the Pyramid Stage where we saw The Libertines, Paul Weller, Florence & The Machine, The Who, Motorhead, Pharell and Kanye to name but a few.

Q is for quirky stuff.

R is for right on. 45 years on, Glastonbury still stays true to its left-of-centre political stance.

S is for the Stone Circle. A great place for people watching.

T is for thousands of people. 250,000 to be exact.

U is for Unplanned. Wandering around and getting lost is a joy.

V is for Vintage clothes, naturally!

W is for Walking. The average distance covered by a Glasto festival goer is 5.5 miles a day. We certainly earnt our cider.

X is for X-rated behaviour.

Y is for Yes. For keeping an open mind, exploring different scenes & musical genres.

Z is for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzs. We need to catch up on some sleep. We're off to Camperjam on Thursday.

See you next week!