Tuesday, 30 October 2012

You've Got Mail!

 It's always an event when the postman knocks, we're on first name terms and everything; it's not just because of the regular parcels of joy from my generous blogging buddies but also 'cos I went out with him in the 1980s. 

Last week my bag twin, the lovely Lucy, sent me this incredible turquoise leather coat she'd spotted in her local Sue Ryder chazza along with this Oscar Wilde notelet, literary idol of Smiths fans like me the world over.

 I'm wearing the Miss Revolution velvet blouson top Jo gave me underneath it.

1970s Julius of London needlecord maxi (courtesy of Odd Socks Alex and a wardrobe staple since 2010)

Orange and turquoise are a perfect pairing as some of this Tibetan tribal jewellery goes to prove.

Carnelian cross ring from Krista-licious

The copper and turquoise pendant is Native American via Canada, a gift from a globe-trotting admirer of Mum's in 1965. I bought the earrings on the morning of the Asian Tsunami on the way to a wedding in India back in 2004.

The wonderful Pao sent me these 1960s earrings she no longer wears, they arrived today and I love them, they're massive.

She also sent this groovy bean bag pattern. The cats have hinted that they need one in their lives.

So what's a chip butty? Two slices of crusty bread spread with butter or mayo, a generous helping of "proper" chips (chunky French Fries), smothered in tomato ketchup and the finest hangover cure known to man (or woman).

Image from Google

I'm starving now!

There's a cat perched ominously in a tree above me

Thinking of and sending my love to anyone caught up in Hurricane Sandy.

Nothing dramatic to report here although there is a blogger meet-up scheduled for later in the week, Walsall residents of a nervous disposition are advised to leave the area.

See you soon!


Lynne DeVenny said...

Killer coat. Wow.

Call that sandwich the one I never knew until now I was dying to eat :o

Le Material Girl said...

I could do with a chip butty right now!!
And gorgeous gifts - what a coincidence your postie was your ex?!?!
loving the outfit like always, you carry it off with such swag!!

Hippy at Heart said...

that xoat's incredible, dear vix! I definitely need friends like yours, haha ;)

Love from Poppy said...

What a fab colour coat Vix!

Kitty said...

what an awesome coat, love that pic of you looking up!! And yes, I reckon you'd love Darwin, the heat is intense and the laid-back ifestyle is just like in Asia.xx.

Rebecca (Oh! Panda) said...

That coat is wonderful, the colour is fantastic! And you can't beat a good old chip butty (always with a bit of mayo!)

c... said...

Love the coat !!
Nice to have friends that sends you such gorgeous gifts ! And a nice postman..

Ivy Black said...

Gorgeous coat. I can eat chip butties until I can't move.
Look out! We're coming!!!!!!

pao said...

Wow, turquoise leather! What a very cool coat and just what was needed to match up with that hot tangerine dream of a top. And the accessories, yum!

Glad to see your little packet of 60's memorabilia came through. Hope you have some fun with it!

edie pop said...

The coat is just amazing and I like you with the ponytails, you look so beautiful in these photos!
The bean bag is glorious, it reminds me of some vintage Italian movies in which a comedian always try to seat on them and embarass himself because he never find the right way!I find them very comfortable, I'd love to have the silver one!
The Chip butty is the finest hangover cure, why I didn't know it before!
That's why I love to have international friends!
Lots of love!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

What's a chip butty?!


Beautiful colours on you, Vix, and hope you do enjoy the rowdy blogger meet - Wish I were nearer! Mwah, anyhoo! x

Devil made in Heaven said...

That color of your coat is really amazing. You must be very lucky with your friend Lucy. :)
And your mum's admirer did have very good taste.
That beanbag looks very fluffy... I believe my cats would want one to if I showed it to them. Now they are lying all day on the sofa. :)
Only that chip butty.... uhm I don't know..... Maybe I should try it first. :D
xxx have a wonderfull evening!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Wow! Never seen a leather coat in that colour - you look amazing in it!

pastcaring said...

Turquoise leather, orange velvet and a chip butty? Rock'n'roll, Vix! you look gorgeous, love that pendant of your mum's, and I can well believe the skirt from Alex is a wardrobe staple - get that on your Essentials list! What a fabulous collection of earrings too, blog buddies are just the best!
Can't wait! What shall I wear? Jeans and a jumper? Hahahaha! xxxxxx

Claire Justine said...

Great jacket,love the colour,mmm chip buttie :)

Little-Hat said...

Amaaaaazing coat!


Lynn Dylan said...

Ha ha, Vix, love this line:

Walsall residents of a nervous disposition are advised to leave the area

Too funny! You look lovely in your blue leather coat! What a find -- what a gift! The colors are yummy; I am being inspired more and more to go way out on a high limb on the color tree! LOL. I think I am a bright color novice, pretty much!

The hurricane missed us, but we have friends who are being harder hit. Scary.


Miss Magpie said...

I used to have a very similar coat, I got too fat for it and sold it. I miss it dreadfully

Please may I? said...

Absolutely loving the coat hun, the colours fabulous.

Have fun with your meet up. I shall keep my eyes peeled for you whilst I'm working in Walsall.

X x

Ronnie (RR) said...

That coat really suits you, lovely jewellery too.

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

We managed to be spared the wrath of Hurricane Sandy in my part of NY, thank goodness. That coat is to die for and I would like a chip butty, please :)

señora Allnut said...

turquoise and orange, such a fabulous color combo, and you rock it!, love that leather coat, love that orange velvet top and love all that bijouterie!,
and I'm shocked by that hangover cure, whouu!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best". / Oscar Wilde

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Wow that coat is AMAZING!!! I;ve never seen one in that colour before. It looks for blue than turquoise to me.. I used to get about in leather and suede coats all winter every winter.. but it must have been a phase coz I haven't worn one for about 10 years! I still have them stashed in a large case somewhere.. maybe I'll revive them next winter!!

My english dad introduced us to chip butties when we were young - unfortunately!!

Kezzie said...

Oooh, Lucy has good taste, that's really nice! LOve the ominous cat shot, you look really young and cutesy!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Really can't wait to for Thursday!! That coat is even better than I imagined! It's gorgeous! Orange and Turquoise are perfect together, this is your version of Autumnal colours and it's so distinctly you and it's wonderful.
mmmm so many nice earrings!!

Heather said...

You've got mail means of course you look fabulous!! love the new coat and I giggled when I heard you dated the postman!! I would love to be somewhere long enough that I can say I knew them in the 80's!! The Chip Butty oh I am going to show the kids that one ...they would enjoy that for sure!! Love orange and turquoise two of my favorite colors ~Have fun at the blogger meet up ~Love Heather

Jessica said...

Love that coat and that fabulous orange velvet top! (and all that jewelry, I'm a big fan of big rings and earrings.)

I just came across your blog and <3


lucy joy said...

What better way to give in to inclement weather than with turquoise leather? I love it!
All your jewellery seems to have a story attached to it. Fabulous tales radiate from the fabric and elements of your outfits! I'd love to know what kind of person and what kind of night out link some of your clothes to their past.
Chip butties dripping with melted salty butter, yes, pure hangover food. Along with cheese and onion crisps, cheese and onion pasties, pizza and all other high carb high fat stuff.

Great outfit, I like the colours a lot. I bet the postman is pleased all your blog pals keep him in work! Wish I was coming to Walsall. Next time!

Lucy x

freckleface said...

Love the story about the postman. I had the plumber out today at my Mum's. Haven't seen him since 1985.

'Walsall residents of a nervous disposition are advised to leave the area'. :) chuckle.

You can't go wrong with a chip butty, plenty of butter, hmmmmm...although I generally prefer smaller chips. The man of the house says it's because there's more lard on them. Guilty as charged.

Trees said...

I love that coat! Perfect colour with your jewellery. I can't wait to see you beanbag, how fun. Perhaps a patchwork beanbag is in order. Also I can't believe people don't know what a chip buttie is!

Loulou said...

What a great coat! I love how you've mixed it with the rest of the outfit. Very nice colour combo.

Lucy Nation said...

Yay, it looks great on you! The colour does look different in these pictures though. Does your postman/ex squeeze know about your blog? There's nothing I like more than opening parcels. Can't wait to hear about your blogger meet-up adventures xxx

Melissa said...

Wow, I love this whole look! Your jewelry is all so fabulous.

<3 Melissa

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

That coat is a lovely shade of blue and suits you so well.

Mum said...

Don't forget to squash the chip buttie before eating!
Love from Mum

delia hornbook said...

Do you know what i had a very similar coat to that and in the same colour but i sold it last year it just hung on me i have a red 70's number somewhere hiding in my waldrobe the button needs sewing back on seeing your gorgeous blue coat has just reminded me i may have to dig it out now :-) Loving all those earrings you so suit large and dangly earrings and jewellery. Yummmm chip butty :-) see you soon :-) dee xx

Krista said...

Baby blue leather, no way, I am in love with this coat and it fits you so nicely too. I love those big buttons almost as much as your pigtails! You look warm and snuggly and bright! The postman being your X still makes me snicker :)

The ear rings from Pao are totally you and will get good use hanging from your lobes! How cool though is that bean bag pattern! I see a patch bean bag in the kitties future! Chip butty that's what it is, I thought is was your buddy eating chips with you ;p Let's try and talk this weekend if you are around. I can't wait to see pictures from Thursday, even though it breaks my pink heart in a million pieces that I won't be there :(
I miss you pretty lady!!!!!!
Tons of love~

Helga! said...

That is a fecking FANTASMO coat!!! Whata great score! Bless Lucy for sending that treasure on!
I drool over all that glorious jewellery!
I daresay my cats would love abean bag too.ssssshhhhhhhhh......!!!
Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

samecookiesdifferent said...

stunning jewels
xx the cookies
share the feeling
visit <3
enjoy your evening!

Amie K said...

mmmm chip butties!! my faveeeeee yum!!! I like salad cream in mine :)

That jacket is stupendous! what a colour! and it suits you so well!

I love the photo's of you with your blogging friends. I see now Liz has made the pilgrimage from Bristol, I might have to do the same...I wonder how long it took her?!

Much love Amie xxxxxxxxxxx

Sacramento Amate said...

That blue coat is a dream, and how fun you going out with the postman in the 80s, hehhehhehe.

the gardener's cottage said...

thank you for the explanation. it's a french fry sandwich! yum.

the blue coat is stunning as is everything else your lovely readers send you. i'm thinking you don't even need to go shopping any longer, they do it all for you! and what great taste they all have.

i can't believe i was just in new york. so awful. xoxo

Shubhi said...

Hey gorgeousness:)
Love the velvet blouse! Also, please please show us your cats!

Shubhi's Revels!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Turquoise leather coat?!?! I'm dying! and you're wearing the wonderful velvet top - together. Perfectness!! xo

Patti said...

Hungry now!! Love your blue coat. xoxoxo

Leticia said...

great coat, babe!!!! you are the ultimate retro rainbow girl with great 70´s colorful vibes! the jewelry is to die for, doll! plus, that sandwich made me extra hungry!


Louise Mc said...

I love coloured leather coats so much, it looks absolutely divine on you. Can you do a tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes? I know you often wear yours, I have a pair that I'm too afraid to apply. xx

thorne garnet said...

How funny! I have that pattern and made a bean bag that my cats love. I also made the back rest with arms that works great to prop up in bed while reading.

Paula lalaboo said...

Love that coat, the colour is awesome! I used have a lovely suede one years ago the same colour. I think I sold it though.

Loving the bling too as ever.

Nothing like a chip butty and being married to a northener it is a compulsion. He can never have chips without sticking them in a sarnie! lol.

I am sure your bloggy meet up will be a blast! Have fun.

P x

Kelly said...

Hmmmm chip butty.
I love mine with brown sauce.
Gorgeous jacket, and that top does look fantastic on your colouring, thought it might! :)

BellaBean Vintage said...

I love love love that turquoise jacket! And hilarious about the postman - not many people could say that! Thanks so much for posting on my blog, you were on my wishlist and it made my day! :)

Veshoevius said...

What a glorious vision you are in all that turquoise! I love your turquoise baubles!
Thought it was hilairous you had dated your postmas in the 80s!

Joyatri said...

Hey, Miss Revolution, I saw that ice blue coat! It looks even better on you, and paired with burnt orange and the stunning pendant. So happy the orange blouson top fits you and looks ravishing with the print maxi skirt. I hope it helps you stay warm. How nice of Pao to bestow her earrings on you.
I finally posted about my weekend and need to get cracking on transferring my blog!

pinktutu72 said...

Hey Vix :) Looking as gorgeous as ever. I love orange and turquoise together too!

Joni said...

You are like luscious Halloween candy in this blue leather jacket. Yummy! Trick or Treat! Wish I could join your meet up. I wouldn't be nervous one bit, cause I'd be doused in suds. ;)

DeniseAngela said...

You made lol with I went our with him in the 80's! The only thing I have left from the 8o's is my clothes, records & oh yeah my husband. You look fab in all colours but I must say the baby blue looks especially radiant .

Melanie said...

Well, the blogger meetup probably won't have the same impact as Sandy, but it will probably leave some people running home to batten the hatches. Your gifties are lovely!! All of them. The velvet blouson top and turquoise coat - wow.

rose said...

Love it!


Terri said...

Can wait to see you model Pao's jewelry and a sandwich made of chips???

Sue said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Chip butty!!! Have not tried it with mayo as well as tom sauce, maybe next time.

Fiona said...

A chip butty's got to have brown sauce of course.
You look amazing in the turquoise coat (what a fantastic pressie) and your mums pendant is beautiful. I know you'll enjoy your bloggers meet-up, watch out Wetherspoons!

Sophie - CGDN said...

WOW - that coat is amazing! Lovely colour combination :)
I get a whole load of different post people, no idea why they can't assign the route to just one...

couturecoco said...

Gosh, I love that blue leather coat! Might have to try that chip butty because I have such a headache from one glass of wine last night - non drinkers shouldn't drink, I know!

menopauselsupermodel said...

I NEED a chip butty NOW!!!
The jacket is absolutely STUNNING!!
Love the new top with the maxi!!

I survived the hurricane and am happily getting caught up with my blog reading!!
Hoping for lots of pix from the blogger meet-up!

Vintage Coconut said...

Alright you look completely magnificent in that blue coat.
(Loving your makeup)
The outfit just screams a crisp fall day.

That bean bag pattern is awesome. HOLY GIANT BEAN BAG!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Alright you look completely magnificent in that blue coat.
(Loving your makeup)
The outfit just screams a crisp fall day.

That bean bag pattern is awesome. HOLY GIANT BEAN BAG!!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I just think it's so cute that you and your mailman used to go out together!!! How many beans does it take to fill that ginormous two-person bean bag - a cat-sized one is definitely more manageable. The leather coat is such a pretty colour, and Mr. Wilde looks very happy there with your little deer.

Melanie said...

Mmmm, chip butties, I really want one now!
That jacket is rather marvelous isn't it! What a nice gift!

Punk Glam Queen http://ideefixemon.blogspot.com said...

You look radiant in that colour blue! Love all the gorgeous looks! XXX

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh you look so beautiful - that coat is AMAZING!!! What a wonderful gift! The earring collection is also pretty fabularse. I do love the orange.turquoise combo - you are the rocking the crap out of it, of course, but this is another combo that I find really difficult. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but it always looks WRONG on me! You are amazing, as always, amor! Love you more than THAT STUNNING JACKET! Sarah xxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Ooh I love that coat Vix, I had one just like it when I was little, though mine was teal and I doubt it was real leather. What a lovely prezzy. And I'm hungry too now, chip butties are the best, with a big mug of tea, mmm. xx

The Brunette said...

Oh my gosh I love your blue coat it reminds me of one my mum had which was very similar in the 70's xx